Global Entrepreneur Envoy is an independent social enterprise site functioning in a commercial environment. We would like as many Entrepreneurs to help us as possible but we did not want advertising across the site. So we promote service providers, companies and policy makers by asking them to list their services to Entrepreneurs as Members. They can register on as many pages as suits them. For members who register on all pages, they become our Premium Partners and can have their Logo on the base of all pages under the Partners Banner .

The Global Entrepreneur Envoy Awards are sponsored and we would value hearing from organisations who would like to help us celebrate success. The sponsorship amounts are small as the Awards are mainly online with the exception of the main categories.  We are looking for organisations which have the same ethics of promoting sustainable entrepreneurship and who are willing to give prizes not in monetary terms but in resources, guidance and support for the winners. 

We would love to hear from you if you want to discuss sponsorship as some of our forthcoming projects and events will require sponsorship.   Sponsorship@EntrepreneurEnvoy.org