Skills Bank

The Skills Bank is our “dating agency” …. It does not match you to your ‘life – partner’ but it tries to create an “Entrepreneur Match” – introducing one member’s skills asset to another member’s skills deficit.

Like any dating agency it takes time to find the right match and it also depends on the number of available members with the skills at any one time….so sometimes it takes a little patience to find the best match.
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Your personal details are important to us, but your contributions and needs are of greater value if we are to ‘Turn Ideas into Action’.
Entrepreneur Envoys are key to cultural change through their actions, experience and knowledge.

We would like to share your skills with others if you are willing and have the time.
These are your SKILLS CREDITS

We also know that you as an entrepreneur may also require some skills from other like minded people, so we also ask you for what you need help with.
These are your SKILLS DEFICITS

There is no obligation to offer support or take support, and you can change your mind at any point.
The Skills Bank is a personal profile which no one else can see and is amendable at any time.
By completing the SKILLS BANK it helps us develop a better portal for you.