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Support the promotion of entrepreneurship by applying for funded projects 

Essential to the workings of most Governments, and especially the European Commission, are the projects it disseminates – often with funding; a search for partners from all varieties of NGOs, academia and service providers; and its consultations with all stakeholders. Here you will find all the entrepreneur-relevant tenders and proposals for members to view and reply to.

The Commission consultations are particularly important as these form policy in the future, and as such Envoys will be notified of consultations which they may want to engage with. We will also survey Envoys in conjunction with certain consultations affording a valuable communication trail from the policy makers and those the policy affects.

One of the main objectives of the portal is to celebrate success. Today there are numerous global awards which entrepreneurs could enter but are not aware of. Here all known relevant Awards will be promoted to the members. These awards are not included in the Global Entrepreneur Envoy Awards (Europe).

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