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Change needs to be supported with knowledge, information and networks – the basic foundation of one-stop-shops or service providers. They must be accessible to all, providing relevant advice and more and more these days, open all hours!

Many Governments support entrepreneurs of all descriptions with single-point advisory services. For many entrepreneurs this is the single most frustrating part about setting up a venture or project, not having a one-stop-shop offering advice and guidance, not knowing what services are available, or having access to the right services from the right organisation. Here, Entrepreneur Envoys will find a huge database of organisations all willing to help, all in one place, each offering useful advice.

More generally, for individuals and organisations such as NGOs and charities, as well as those working in the social and environmental sectors that are not classed as businesses, it is difficult to identify sources of information to help turn the Ideas into Actions. Through our network of Entrepreneur Envoys we will expand the list of service providers and mentors through our databases and skills bank, making it easier to find the information and support you need.

Envoys are invited to give feedback on those organisations they have used in order to support others in identifying the best in class of service provision.

In times of austerity and spending cuts, public funds must be delivered to those who are efficient, effective and sustainable. Too much tax payer’s money goes on schemes which help only the lucky few. No-one is accountable, there is a lack of transparency and the return on investment remains unknown. Together we aim to change this.

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.
Peter F. Drucker, Business Guru

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