Launch of the Entrepreneur Envoy web portal promoting entrepreneurship at the European Parliament

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Madi Sharma, Member of the Employers' Group, Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship

The web portal was launched as a concrete proposal following the work of members of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). The Committee looked at “Entrepreneurship as a mechanism to exit the financial crisis” and held seminars with young European entrepreneurs to identify the key barriers and opportunities to entrepreneurship. The purpose of the portal is to create a cohesive approach to entrepreneurship across the EU institutions and to engage real entrepreneurs in the policy debates that affect them.

Recognizing the need to encourage and support entrepreneurship in Europe, a group of dedicated entrepreneurs decided to create the Entrepreneur Envoy Portal. It is driven by the idea that entrepreneurship must be looked at from a broader perspective, than the traditional viewpoint of individuals creating and developing businesses for economic purposes and profit.

In two commitments for entrepreneurs across Europe, Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, stated he is “ready for a strong cooperation with the European institutions and organisations of entrepreneurs” to promote entrepreneurship. He said that it is important for the Commission to listen to young people and continued “we want to increase the number of young entrepreneurs – especially women entrepreneurs.”

To launch the web portal and discuss European entrepreneurship Lidia Geringer de Oedenberg, Member of the European Parliament, together with Madi Sharma, a European Entrepreneur and Member of the EESC hosted a conference entitled “The European Faces of Entrepreneurship”, at the European Parliament in Brussels. The event was attended by Anna Maria Darmanin, EESC Vice-President, Henri Malosse, EESC Employers’ Group President, and Goncalo Lobo Xavier, member of the EESC Employers’ Group.





Gonçalo Lobo Xavier, Member of the Employers’ Group and Anna Maria Darmanin, Vice-President in charge of communication