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America plays a pivotal role in spreading the culture of entrepreneurialism around the world: it is recognised as a beacon of entrepreneurial opportunity. It can be argued that entrepreneurialism is deeply rooted in its history – being founded and then settled by innovators and risk-takers who were willing to sacrifice old certainties for new opportunities.

American schoolchildren are raised on stories about inventors such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison. Entrepreneurs such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford are celebrated in monuments in many locations. And today, people such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are the heroes of young students. Graduating from Harvard or Stanford University, or working in Silicon Valley are the ambitions of many, achieved by just a few.

However, the world is becoming a smaller place and even the ‘American dream’ and ‘can do attitude has been dented during the global crisis. The rise of the entrepreneurial spirit within the emerging economies has impacted on the region, as it has many others across the globe. And so the entrepreneurial culture, even in North America needs some encouraging.

Developing the human capital of young Americans will be essential to keeping America’s economy growing. The future enterprises and their workers will need the skills and knowledge to create successful ventures and to spur innovation in the economy. Yet education in the U.S. is struggling to stay competitive and fails to provide access to a quality educational experience for all students. Developing tomorrow’s talented, capable innovators is a challenge that will require major, entrepreneurially-driven improvements in education at all levels.

The role of the Entrepreneur Envoys is to take the best of policies, tools and mechanisms to support entrepreneurship in promoting the values of human capital. Sharing that with their countries and communities to make it locally adaptable and implementable will reap massive benefits. The key component of entrepreneurship is that one size does not fit all and it must always adjust to its environment. However it is important to remember that the entrepreneurial mind-set can be developed by everyone, it just needs supporting.

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