Latin America

Latin America is one of the most unequal regions in the world in terms of per capita income. It is home to extreme poverty but also to enormous wealth. These diverse and growing economies of South America and the Caribbean have begun to embrace the entrepreneurial culture and promote innovation and creativity. In just a short period of time the results are proving beneficial to society. However, there are many barriers – especially social and environmental – which the region’s countries and their peoples face and through which our Entrepreneur Envoys can provide some added value for communities and policy makers.

Governments and public bodies promoting entrepreneurship have to overcome issues which include: a lack of an entrepreneurial culture; limited access and use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs); growth restrictions for small or expanding companies; lack of training or skills development provision; barriers to access new markets; and, limited networking. Access to finance for entrepreneurial and community activities make it difficult to turn Ideas into Action.

Governments are reviewing strategies addressing enterprise stimulation, social entrepreneurship, training of youth, and media campaigns to foster an entrepreneurial culture. But they need to do more, and to do more quickly – especially on property rights, excessive regulation and high taxation. Additionally an absence of support for women entrepreneurs may lead to some significantly wasted opportunities.

To create more high-growth entrepreneurs, reforms are needed in many markets that tackle not only regulation and taxation but reinvention of financial support systems for entrepreneurs that avoid long-term dependency. Our Entrepreneur Envoys can share best practices and case studies from around the world to inform the policy makers of Latin America and start to shape change.

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