Fostering entrepreneurship as a tool for economic growth is an enabling mechanism for promoting development across Africa. There are many entrepreneurs across the African states, many individuals and many family ventures, all of whom would benefit from communication and knowledge sharing.

Sustainable development of the African continent can only be achieved through further economic growth. This can be encouraged by promotion of all forms of entrepreneurship across all sectors of society; and by ensuring human capital is properly valued. Enhanced education and training promoting entrepreneurial activities is required, and can be achieved through the creation and development of entrepreneurship within social ventures, organisations and public services. Access to finance will be essential in making this happen, but it must be accompanied by the relevant support and mentoring services – money alone will not solve the problems. Change in the regulatory framework and governance of many countries will be required – but if entrepreneurs can unite around the cause and speak with one voice – the easier it will be for them to be heard and for change to happen.

It is not for the Entrepreneur Envoys to dictate or enforce measures on policy makers. It is our aim to inform and make recommendations of tools and mechanisms that are working in other parts of the world, which can support the policies of governments to promote the entrepreneurial spirit.

The continent of Africa has many challenges but also many opportunities, our mission is to assist the people of Africa in maximising those opportunities so that the rest of the world can learn from them.

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We are proud to have Entrepreneur Envoys from every community on the planet. If we have missed someone, please tell them about us!

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