This website is designed to support and, to some extent, unite entrepreneurs across the globe, breaking down sector and geographic barriers. Recognising entrepreneurialism in all its forms to generate a culture change making it simpler for the wealth creators of tomorrow to turn their Ideas into Actions and improve the environment – locally, nationally, regionally and globally.

We have created a Home Page as a starting point for all the International portals that are currently in the development phases. We recognise the importance of entrepreneurs working together in the global economy, condensing all the mutual interests, encouraging entrepreneurs to learn from each other and share their knowledge. Together we can turn Ideas into Action and then transfer those ideas across regions and across continents: so that the world’s fastest growing economies can provide inspiration and experience for others to learn from.

Globalisation should be seen by entrepreneurs as an opportunity, not a threat. It is vitally important to encourage and support internationalisation of organisations of all kinds, so that knowledge, technology, networks and partnerships can be shared, speeding up the process of turning Ideas into Action.

The role of an Envoy where ever they are in the world will be to encourage entrepreneurs to consider operating in markets other than their home market, to step out of their comfort zone and explore new opportunities where they can share their ideas and take on board new ones to bring back. Looking at our first fully populated regional portal (Europe) will give an insight into the extent to which we are prepared to support entrepreneurs to affect change for good. The European section of this site indicates how we will grow all the regions in the Internationalisation section – so you have masses to look forward too.

With your support we will build and strengthen networks through closer cooperation and collaboration. Clustering is an excellent example from the business environment which can be transplanted into any sector to build capacity and transfer skills and knowledge, when this is conducted on a global basis the results will be exponential. Knowledge, technology and investments in research and innovation across borders, especially between academia and business or community projects will solve global challenges from grass roots to macro levels.

Most of all the sharing of cultures and traditions through exchange programmes, training or learning will not only reduce barriers of discrimination and fear but will promote numerous opportunities for change from which so many people will benefit.

Through the international network of Global Entrepreneur Envoys, our members can support the objective of turning Ideas into Action through the promotion of entrepreneurship on a global scale, thereby increasing the number of entrepreneurs in the world; supporting the pro-active policies of governments to create sustainability through wealth creation, jobs and valuing human capital whilst eradicating poverty, suffering and inequalities; and, at the same time, celebrating success.

And you can be part of that change now. By becoming a member, you will help us to identify where there is the strongest appetite from entrepreneurs to drive meaningful change. Join us now, and our pledge is to include your interests and develop your international portal as soon as we can. Member registration

We are proud to have Entrepreneur Envoys from every community on the planet. If we have missed someone, please tell them about us!

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