Extending entrepreneurship and identifying solutions

What are the future drivers of competiveness for enterprises and organisations? Knowledge, design, technology, people and capital will be the most important factors for the development of innovative economies. Public policies will therefore need to support innovation and identify the best ways to turn ideas into action.

Supporting entrepreneurs to be innovative and creative, and directing them to sources of inspiration and support is a key to turning Ideas into Action. Highlighting that innovation exists within and beyond the business sector is a focus for this part of the portal.

Entrepreneurial activities are and should be incorporated into daily life and deserve greater recognition within non-business fields, here are a few examples:

Social inclusion and poverty elevation are supported with entrepreneurship ’because society is at the core of the analysis of innovation ‘as it changes its ideas, practices and institutions.

Environmental protection relies on sustainable energy sources and climate change adaptation and this will lead to new ways of working, the ”greening” of jobs and the creation of new “green” jobs and technologies.

Tourism, regeneration and migration, including the revitalisation of rural and less advantaged regions will require entrepreneurial activities for job creation and infrastructure changes particularly for sectors such as urban regeneration, agriculture, forestry, island and agro-tourism.

Education uses creativity to identify the relevant “drivers” that trigger a quest for knowledge to ensure people engage with learning at all levels and ages.

Health Care utilises new ways of working and technologies to provide an optimal environment for delivery of care, research, and the provision of medicines and treatments.

Demographics trends will require social adaptations, novel and creative solutions to address infrastructure, services, work, family and social protection.

The NGO sectors, including outreach and training projects, are effective and ground breaking in numerous sectors requiring new solutions to overcome societal challenges.

Public sector capabilities will require solutions to provide the same and improved provision on restricted budgets.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are limitless, without boundaries.

So, now tell us of your innovation, how you’ve turned an Idea into Action. Go to our Ideas Counter and submit your idea.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
Albert Einstein

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