Youthful +50

Youthful Entrepreneur Envoys are essential to the global economy as they offer wisdom, knowledge, experience and guidance to policy makers and communities. They also make great entrepreneurs for all of those reasons, therefore they need greater recognition in terms of their contribution to the wider dimensions of entrepreneurship. As mentors they are invaluable.

The planet faces many challenges including an ageing population and for developed economies a diminishing social security provision. Therefore we must value all of our human capital, engaging most with those who have experienced life and those who have yet to experience its challenges; the young. This gives us two vast resources of manpower which can work together to overcome global challenges, socially, economically and environmentally.

It has been argued that older entrepreneurship can be used to prolong the working lives of older people and to provide them with financial support in retirement. However, it is just as important to respect and value their contribution to communities not just in terms of building profitable businesses but also by supporting entrepreneurship in all its forms.

There is limited qualitative data or statistics on youthful entrepreneurs and it is hoped that many of our Entrepreneur Envoys will fit into this category and can help us to help policy makers better support their interests, including exploring the diversity of their previous employment backgrounds and how this can be integrated to support new entrepreneurs and projects.

So if you fit this category we would like to hear your story – were you entrepreneurial in an employed role? Has your entrepreneurial spirit been ignited from your work experience? Or have you always been a self-starter?

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