Young People 5-18

Young people are our future, they are also future Entrepreneur Envoys and so must be one of the priority areas for the focus of the entrepreneurial culture. With this in mind it is encouraged that our Envoys visit schools and meet and talk with young people at every opportunity. Young people have a thirst for knowledge and creative skills which must not be lost. At the same time their innocence and absence of a fear of failure allows them to overcome challenges and identify opportunities which have long been deleted from the adult brain. We must encourage the participation of young people in solving global challenges.

Entrepreneurship must be looked at from a broader perspective than the traditional viewpoint of individuals creating and developing businesses for economic purposes and profit. Inventiveness, creativity and innovation at group, enterprise or society level does not come down to the simple sum of the entrepreneurship mindset of the individuals they consist of. Therefore the levels of development of entrepreneurship should be differentiated.

Social and other driving forces behind entrepreneurship must be fully recognised. The entrepreneurial mindset is a societal phenomenon ’enacted on all scenes of human life‘. Thus it is an all-embracing cultural concept about social processes and actions driven by human beings for individual, societal and economic purposes. Looking at entrepreneurship in this way will foster human and social capital, which is of utmost importance for an innovative society and economic competitiveness, together with greater integration of disparate groups.

Therefore education and training across all ages and abilities must stimulate the creativity and potential of all individuals. The Entrepreneur Envoys will support the transfer of good practice and highlight examples from the database in their work. We are looking for your experiences of identifying/promoting entrepreneurship with young people.

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