Women represent over half of the global population and yet their contribution to economic growth and development remains unrecognised and an untapped resource. Women entrepreneurs create new jobs for themselves and others whilst also providing society with alternate solutions. They are masters of the utilisation of entrepreneurial opportunities but are often ignored by policy makers. Our Entrepreneur Envoys, both male and female can change this situation on a global basis. You can help support the possibilities for women to become business or social entrepreneurs, improve capacity building in communities, deliver training and knowledge sharing through mentoring.

Envoys responses will be used to lobby for ‘real’ change in policy areas, beginning with activating a European Citizens Initiative by collecting one million signatures across the European Member States. This will inform the policy makers and assist in our desire to introduce Women Specific legislation on enterprise in territories and sector where it will assist women entrepreneurs to flourish.

Furthermore many reports, including those from the OECD, state that better qualitative information and quantitative data and statistics are required to profile women entrepreneurs (demographic information, barriers to start-up and growth). This would also assist in promoting awareness of the role of women entrepreneurs in the economy, both economically and socially. Here the Entrepreneur Envoy questionnaires will play an important role in collecting data that is real, relevant and timely. It is as important for male Envoys to be included in this work as for female ones.

Women entrepreneur networks are major sources of knowledge about women’s entrepreneurship, the social, economic and environmental contexts, and they are increasingly recognised as valuable tools for its development and promotion. Our Entrepreneur Envoy database of these organisations is a valuable tool for women and policy makers alike.

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