Social Inclusion

The most fundamental driver for developing this community website was to value human capital using the tools of entrepreneurship at all levels of society. This included the quest to find sustainable solutions to overcoming the injustices of poverty and social exclusion of many segments and individuals in society. This can be caused by a number of single or multiple reasons including a lack of educational attainment, inadequate healthcare, malnutrition, low life expectancy, poor access to water, and exclusion from the benefits of economic and technological progress. Additionally it could be caused through feelings of hopelessness, dependency and low levels of self-esteem and aspiration.

We know that changing the culture in different policy areas, or even in our communities, can support entrepreneurship to be all inclusive. We know that entrepreneurship education should build confidence, motivate progress, strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset, foster a desire to achieve and inspire action. We know that technical skills, financial literacy, skills to engage in entrepreneurship, self-employment and/or employment need to be included in the supporting package. We are aware that entrepreneurial development skills need to include social skills, networking, creative problem solving, opportunity seeking, selling, interviewing, presentations, group leadership; as well as community co-operation, dealing with bureaucracy, local cultural norms and how they affect business.

All Entrepreneur Envoys can be mentors, teachers or inspirational role models to encourage others to at least try to turn their Ideas into Action. If you’ve been involved in a social inclusion project, we’d love to hear about it.

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