Every person is talented, with creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit which is enhanced where the environment is conducive to promoting such activities. The focus on the individual, taking diversity into account, is essential because exclusion and discrimination are a vicious downwards spiral exacerbating inequality of opportunity: the less peoples’ potential is fulfilled, the less motivated they are to develop themselves.

Today this can offer new solutions to overcome the high numbers of unqualified and unemployed people. Moreover, a diverse approach can help create opportunities for a greater amount of people independent of age, gender, race, abilities or social conditions.

One of the greatest assets for the promotion of entrepreneurship is its ability to be all-inclusive, from 5 to 105 years of age, rich or poor, gender and race neutral. There are hundreds of examples which go beyond the stereotypes of a sole trader, small business, and white male.

One of the key issues is the blindness of others to recognise the value to the community, economy and the planet of such diverse ventures. Hence, here you will find information on all the diverse parts of the community that should be included.

The list is by no-means exclusive and we would welcome the listing of new members on the database as well as contributions so that we can share the knowledge, raise awareness or promote best practice further.

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