Finance is not only about access to finance but about risk awareness and overcoming failure.
’Experienced Entrepreneur’ is the term now used for entrepreneurs who have experienced failure in business. The term was first attributed to entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, where it is widely acknowledged that if you have not failed you have not learnt.

There are multiples of banks and microfinance institutions across the globe which can provide support for entrepreneurs. By featuring case studies of some of the unknown examples of social and profitable businesses financiers may also identify new ways of proactively supporting entrepreneurs, particularly in the current economic crisis.

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed
Michael Jordan, basketball player and entrepreneur

Guiding citizens out of the risk aversion and into a ’can-do‘ attitude with a culture of ’assessed‘ risk should be a focus to develop a productive society. The benefits and rewards of creativity and innovation to society should be promoted with a conscious effort to move away from the negative culture of failure presented today in most cultures across the world.

Many successful entrepreneurs have learnt from their mistakes, many can admit they have failed and are willing to share that experience and learning with others. This is something we will be encouraging of our Entrepreneur Envoys.

Trying to turn an Idea into an Action should be encouraged. Not succeeding the first time and trying again should be supported without question. Succeeding after numerous failures must be acknowledged and celebrated. But failing to try to turn an Idea into Action should be viewed with disdain and called into question.

Contact us now and tell us what is stopping you, what is your personal barrier to success, and we will help shape change to create a positive environment for continued endeavour.

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