The impact of the global economic crisis and failing education systems have created unacceptably high numbers of unemployed people – particularly young people – many without skills or qualifications. The ILO (International Labour Organisation) estimates that some 88million young people throughout the world are unemployed, accounting for 47% of the 186million unemployed people globally.

If we are able to connect even one of those 186 million people to an employer through matching their skills and promoting entrepreneurship, then our purpose will be fulfilled in some small way. But together, we can do more. One of the biggest barriers to growth is access to capable people, Skills Bank will be able to promote growth by matching exchangeable skills.

We feature some NGOs and service providers who are finding innovative and entrepreneurial ways to get the unemployed into the workforce as quickly as possible, through their own ventures or through creative training or other opportunities.

Placement opportunities and apprenticeships for students and the unemployed should be better promoted and encouraged. However new examples of Government initiatives and projects for supporting the unemployed must be shared and promoted.

If you have opportunities for the unemployed, share them with us and we will do our best to promote them through the entire Envoy membership.

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