Young people who start their studies today will not know what profession they may be in, as many of those professions do not yet exist. Young people who start their careers today will retire in 2060 and likely to have changed their profession at least once in every three years.

The pace of change for businesses and consequently on the labour market and on communities and supporting organisations is enormous. Today’s core competence therefore involves the ability to identify and solve problems – this creativity is Entrepreneurship.

Ever-increasing globalisation requires an expanding workforce with appropriate skills leading to innovation and creativity coupled with experience. The most important resource of any country is its people and the maximisation of their potential through transformed mind-sets. Entrepreneurial Employees are essential for the successful development of an economy.

Women represent over half of the global population and yet their contribution to economic growth and development remains largely unrecognised and an untapped resource. Women entrepreneurs create new jobs for themselves and others whilst also providing society with alternate solutions. They are masters of the utilisation of entrepreneurial opportunities but are often ignored by policy makers.

Encouraging large companies as creators and a stimulus for entrepreneurial spirit is key to sustainable growth. The competence and talents of all workers, both women and men, must be valued as many practical and intellectual skills reside in the workforce. Identifying competences and intangibles should be encouraged with the development of new tools to support such recognition.

If you are an employer, how do you encourage entrepreneurial spirit in the workplace? If you are looking to grow your business what innovative ways do you have of attracting new people to your business? Let us know and also register at Skills Bank, we may be able to help.

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