Culture Change

Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.                          Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter and sculptor

Growth is not created in a vacuum; it needs like minded people, networks and stakeholders. Ultimately a tradition in society, the workplace and at home will enable entrepreneurship for individuals and organisations, including the promotion of job creation through small companies and increasing the supply of skilled employees. Stakeholders – employers, trade unions, NGOs, public sector and decision-maker will need to unite to address a cultural change and enable an ’entrepreneurial culture‘ to be embraced by ALL to overcome the long term challenges of the planet.

Many organisations and government institutions are trying to change the culture of entrepreneurship. However, there needs to be a clear vision, stimulus and a coordinated approach to create a cultural change. This is the role of the Entrepreneur Envoys.
Entrepreneurship enhances self-belief. The Entrepreneur Envoy philosophy is to motivate, promote self- confidence and bring out personal development skills. Entrepreneur Envoys will be informed enough to support policy makers in their strive to create culture change. The essential tools for success are primarily a ’can-do‘ attitude, alongside the removal of the fear of failure, and where assessed risk can be rewarded with more than profits; plus the promotion that every person is an artist and an ’A grade‘ at something.

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them
Nelson Mandela, freedom fighter

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