European Entrepreneurship Barometre questionnaire

How confident do you feel about economic growth over the next six months?

Do you think financial institutions are doing enough to support the creation of an enterprise culture?

How important is the issue of gender diversity for economic growth?

Is failure accepted as part of the entrepreneurial process in your environment?

How has your marketing plan been adapted over the last six months:

What proportion of data on your customers (if any) is gathered via social media?

How many new full time jobs are you directly likely to create in the next six months?

How many new jobs are you indirectly (supply chain) likely to create in the next six months?

Who is your most trusted source of advice for business?

Whose support services have you used over the last six months?

What is the greatest influence in creating an entrepreneurial mind set?

Do you consider the entrepreneurship education you receive to be sufficient?

Which country do you consider to be most entrepreneurial?

Which economy (other than your own) offers the greatest opportunity for your business?

Do you consider your organisation to be

How many projects have involved partners across Europe in the last six months?

Has migration had a positive impact on your business?

What proportion of your work force is female?

What proportion of your senior management is female?

How necessary is innovation to the survival of your business?

Over the last six months what proportion of your time (if any) has been invested in generating new approaches to business markets?

What are the key drivers of innovation for entrepreneurship?